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Court approves settlement!

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has approved the settlement agreement reached between the representative plaintiff, Carrie Eklund, and Goodlife.

You can read the Court’s decision here.

The settlement agreement says that payment to class members will be made within 90 days of “final approval”. Final approval is defined as “approval by the Court of the Settlement Agreement, including the expiration of any appeal rights and/or the dismissal of any appeals in relation to such approval”.

This means that, in the absence of any appeal, payments should start to be made to class members in early August, and be completed within 90 days.

To All Class Members:  If you are entitled to receive a settlement cheque, the only action you need to take at this time is to ensure that your address is up to date with GoodLife.  If you have moved, or believe that GoodLife no longer has your current address, please contact Alison Campbell at

The Toronto Star covers the case here.

Stay tuned for further information, or contact Josh Mandryk.